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Split Step

With Split step, you can go to different steps/flows depends on probability.

Split step can be used to build many interesting functions, like

  • changing speeches rather than same responses all the time
  • testing your new functions with just a small group of clients to get feedback
  • or making a fun lottery!


In your Split step,

  1. “+ New Variation”, add more than 2 variations
  2. 2.change variation title if needed
  3. 3.adjust weights as you want
    • directly put percentage numbers like 30 and 70 then you will get 30% and 70%
    • alternatively, put weights like 1 and 2 and let the system calculates the percentages 33% and 67% for you
  4. next steps for each variation
  5. the picked variation for later use if needed

Usage Examples

Changing Speeches:

Testing new Functions & Get Feedback:

Fun Lottery:

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